Create a Color Theory Poster

Learn about color models, harmonies, and psychology in this exciting color theory poster project. Build your own poster using Adobe InDesign!

Welcome to the fascinating world of color theory! Whether you’re a graphic designer or simply someone interested in the basics of color theory, this project is perfect for you. We’ll explore a color theory poster project created using Adobe InDesign in this project. We’ll take a deep dive into different color models and harmonies and show you how to create a stunning poster while learning about the psychology of color. So get ready to unleash your creativity and join us on this exciting journey!

Learning Targets

  • I can describe different color models.
  • I can describe the relationship between color harmonies and the color wheel.
  • I can define terminology related to color theory.
  • I can describe how colors affect behaviors and decisions.

Color Theory Poster Project

In this project, you will build a color theory poster based on the supplied sketch and materials. First, you’ll follow the video tutorial to lay out the poster. In this poster, we will switch between using three and four-column layouts. Once you complete the framework, you must research the different topics and provide descriptions for each item. Finally, spend some time applying design to the poster. Experiment with Adobe Color to find the perfect color harmony for your poster.

Design Specifications

  • Tabloid-Size
  • Portrait format

Design Materials

Design Submission

  • PDF File: Lastname, Firstname – Color Theory.pdf

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