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Design Studio Academy offers targeted training to increase your skills in the workplace. Have you ever wanted to create a quick slide show in Premiere Pro or cut out people in Adobe Photoshop? We specialize in helping you build your confidence and skills through targeted training and projects.

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Build a Web Page with Dreamweaver

Learn to build a simple web page using Adobe Dreamweaver. This tutorial covers setting up workspace, page layout, and adding text and images.

Exploring Different Measurement Systems in Graphic Design

Explore different measurement systems in graphic design, from pixels and PPI to points and picas and their applications.

Vector Landscape Silhouette

In this Adobe Illustrator project, you will learn how to create vector landscape silhouettes and use color values to add depth and dimension to your designs.

Create a Double-Exposure Image

Learn how to create stunning double-exposure images using Adobe Photoshop. Follow along to master layering, blending, and color techniques.